• founded in February, 2011
  • location: Helsinki, FINLAND
  • alias Tmi Raudankoodaus Vartiainen
  • for example the following are our developments:

Our main mission is ...

... to give entertainment for people. We achieve our mission by developing games. So far, we have developted our games on the following platforms:

  • android 2.2 (or higher)
  • Meego
  • S60 5th Edition
  • Symbian^3 Anna/PS1
  • Symbian^3 Belle
  • Windows Phone 8 (or newer)

You may start entertaint yourself with Sudoku on the bottom of this page. Of course, Sudoku (as a game) is not our invention and some of the puzzles are not also our inventions, but a code used to display Sudoku on this page and a generator to generate puzzles are our developments. Puzzles, which are generated with the generator are marked with Raudankoodaus label and other puzzles are marked with author's name label or author's www-address label.

Information about our developments can be found in DEVELOPMENTS page.

We also do ...

... programming works (design, development) based on contracts. Please, don't hesitate to take contact with us if you have a project where you need skilled developer.


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Sudoku puzzle software is tested to operate correctly with Google Chrome 38, Firefox 33.1.1 (and IE 11 has an issue with rendering Sudoku puzzle software onto the screen, otherwise it operates correctly) browsers.

"Sudoku puzzle's code (JavaScript/html5) to display Sudoku puzzle on www page is our development, but puzzles maybe are not. You are allowed to use code (and make adjustments for decoration) to represent your puzzles on your own www-pages. If you do so, please , add link to this www-page to that www-page where you use the code."

Go to DEVELOPMENTS page to look at our developments for you.

UPDATED: 01/30/2016 (MM/DD/YYYY)

Raudankoodaus, Heteniityntie 2 as 6, FI-00960 Helsinki, FINLAND; e-mail: raudankoodaus@raudankoodaus.fi